Feb 14, 2012


Chez LeBaron we don't really do much for Valentine's; it's just not a holiday that Paul and I feel like we need to celebrate.  After all, we celebrate our love for each other EVERY DAY.  Right.  

Really though, after the whirlwind of LP's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then my birthday, we take some time off, give our credit cards a break, and skip the whole big gift giving thing for this Hallmark holiday.  (Although there just might be some bags of red and pink foil wrapped candy floating around the house tonight- someone couldn't resist the lure of heart-shaped peanut butter cups).  

Even though I don't expect roses when I get home tonight, or a fancy dinner served up on our good china, I know that I'll go home to a house full of love.  In our house, love isn't all about flowers and chocolates.  It's about the littler things.  

Love is  sitting through an episode of "World's Dumbest Criminals" because Paul loves that show; Paul moving my car into the garage in the morning when he leaves for work; LP covering Gabby up with her blanket because he knows she likes to be snuggled up.  It's doing the dinner dishes when the other person cooked; taking turns with bedtime stories and bathtime; getting out the heating pad when one of us has a sore back.  It's cooking dinner together, with LP perched on his stool between Paul and me, stealing bites of shredded cheese from the bag as we try to get the meal together.  It's LP, me, and two dogs cuddled up (aka squished up) on the loveseat, all cozy while we watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Fresh Beat Band before bed.  

So Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. If you're expecting roses and candy I hope you get them, but most of all I hope you're full of love today.

Daddy and Little Paul

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Day out with Thomas

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