Dec 23, 2011


Since all of these gifts have been given already (with the exception of the ones for Paul and LP who don't read my blog) I thought I'd share some of the homemade gifts I gave this year.

My local girls got little ruffly clutches:

2011-12-08 18-32-35_0006w

2011-12-08 18-34-38_0019w

And their families got jars of gingerbread caramels and heart ornaments made by LP (the ornaments, not the caramels!):

2011-12-08 18-30-45_0002w


My mom was in the market for a new apron and I happened to have the perfect fabric in my stash so made her this one:

2011-12-08 18-35-25_0021w

Along with some coordinating hot pads:

2011-12-08 18-35-59_0023w

2011-12-08 18-36-29_0027w


After Christmas we're heading to Vegas to visit family so LP got a felt play set to entertain him (hopefully!) on the long plane ride:

2011-12-22 17-47-39_0029wm

2011-12-22 17-48-24_0032wm

I printed pictures of all of the Lion King characters on the computer and then laminated them.  Glued the scratchy part of some velcro to the back and the stick right to the felt.  The whole thing rolls up.

2011-12-22 17-49-18_0037wm


Whenever we travel Paul throws his hairy razor into my toiletry bag so I decided it was time for him to have his own. I found this great GTO fabric on and made one for him with a  vinyl inside.  

2011-12-22 17-45-11_0021wm

2011-12-22 17-45-43_0024wm

I also made a coordinating drawstring bag for his shoes:

2011-12-22 17-46-48_0028wm


And while this cuddly flannel blanket was a birthday present for a new little one, I thought I'd share it as well:

2011-12-20 16-14-06_0007wm

2011-12-20 16-14-29_0008wm

2011-12-22 17-45-53_0025wm

Two other things I made recently are my very own labels!  It's something I've been meaning to do for a while but just never got around to. I made both quilt sized labels and smaller labels and printed them out on fabric that can go through the printer.  I love how they turned out!


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