Dec 24, 2011

Christmas... Parts 1 and 2

Around here, we like to make holidays and special events last as long as possible.  Which means that LP's birthday tends to blur right into Christmas.... It makes for a whole 6 weeks of fesitivities!

Two weeks ago my parents came up to celebrate an early Christmas with us since we couldn't be together for the actual event.  

There were piles of presents:

2011-12-09 21-52-24_0028w

A cute little boy:

2011-12-09 21-54-19_0032w

A doting Nana and Pappy:

2011-12-09 22-10-04_0041w

2011-12-09 22-19-22_0043w

And some wanderings around downtown Plymouth the following day:

2011-12-10 14-01-05_0061w

2011-12-10 14-02-16_0066w

2011-12-10 15-13-39_0069w

(Plymouth shots were taken with my new 50mm lens that my parents gave me for Christmas- love it!!!)


The following weekend we celebrated early Christmas with Paul's parents as they were heading to Las Vegas to be with Paul's brothers for Christmas day...

Once again, there were presents...

2011-12-17 19-11-01_0055wm

A dapper little boy (thanks to GG and Aunt Cindi for the adorable outfit!)

2011-12-17 19-15-14_0063wm

2011-12-17 20-23-12_0066wm

And a doting Grammy and Papa:

2011-12-17 20-28-44_0076wm

2011-12-17 20-51-47_0090wm

2011-12-17 21-04-31_0097wm


Tonight and tomorrow, for the first time ever, it's just the three of us for the holidays (well, 5 if you count the dogs who will definitely get in on the gift-opening activity).  We're planning a quiet night of tasty appetizers and Christmas stories tonight, with a drive around the neighborhood to see the lights.  And tomorrow we'll slowly make our way through the presents that Santa brings tonight, stopping for the traditional Christmas cinnamon rolls.   We'll Skype with Nana and Pappy and the uncles and aunts in Pennsylvania at some point, and will just enjoy the day together.

But that's not all!  Oh no, Christmas doesn't end on Christmas day, at least not in this house!  Next week it will be our turn to jet off to Vegas to see Paul's brothers (and Grammy and Papa who are already there) and there will be another celebration when we arrive... Phew!

And so, from our family to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years!  Best wishes and lots of love!

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