Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner Recap

Our Thanksgiving dinner was, as always, delicious!  This year we hosted Paul's parents as we weren't able to make it to Pennsylvania to have Thanksgiving with my family (plans for making it there next year though!).  So it was a small group, just the 5 of us, but as usual we had enough food for 20 more!  Here are a few photos of the day- I'll link some of the recipes we used at the bottom of the post- there was NOTHING we wouldn't make again!

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For the first time Paul decided to smoke the turkey.  He used Alton Brown's Honey Brined Smoked Turkey recipe and it was delicious- seriously the moistest bird we've ever had... For stuffing and gravy we made Paula Dean's Good Old Country Stuffing and Mushroom Giblet Gravy, substituting mild Italian sausage for the breakfast sausage in the stuffing and leaving the hard boiled egg out of the gravy.

We also made Spicy Caliente Cranberry Sauce using a recipe I found on the Taste for Adventure blog on Tablespoon.  Soooo delicious, and I'm not a person who really likes cranberry sauce...    We had green bean casserole as well, using a recipe from Every Day Food magazine, although we did not fry our own onions to put on top- we just used the French's ones in the can...

Paul's parents brought sweet potatos, mashed potatos, homemade rolls, pecan pie and pumpkin pie... 

We all stuffed ourselves silly and no one was able to go back for seconds.. We've been enjoying the leftovers all weekend though!

We took turns asking LP what he was thankful for and he told us, "washing his hands with soap," chairs, toys, and Mommy and Daddy.  

I hope all of my readers had wonderful Thanksgivings (or wonderful Thursdays for those of you who might be in countries where Thanksgiving isn't celebrated!)

So much to be thankful for!  

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