Nov 18, 2011

Round 2

Last night we celebrated LP's third birthday for the second time.  Around here, we like to drag out events and holidays (I think we're having at least 4 Christmases!).  There were more presents, more smiles, and of course, more cake!


The night started off well with a cool Thomas puzzle from LP's day care provider Laurie- so nice!

2011-11-17 18-23-04_0001wm

2011-11-17 18-24-37_0003wm

Uncle Nelson and Aunt San sent "Yego Pirates!" which is LP for "Lego Pirates!" (Mommy had fun putting those together today- might have to add some Lego sets to my Christmas list- seriously relaxing stuff!)

2011-11-17 21-09-37_0006wm

GG and Aunt Cindi sent tons of things - clothing, an ABC game, some books - all great choices!

2011-11-17 21-10-39_0007wm

2011-11-17 21-18-27_0017wm

From Nana and Pappy came a Playmobil Advent Calendar and a Playmobil Nativity Scence.  The Baby Jesus had quite a wild ride on a pirate ship this morning!

2011-11-17 21-22-13_0021wm

Uncle Spencer and Aunt Frances sent a very cool wooden train that they picked up in the Czech Republic...

2011-11-17 21-26-28_0025wm

And Uncle J and Aunt Shelly sent both Mr. AND Mrs. Potato Head!

2011-11-17 21-35-27_0031wm

Grammy and Papa gave LP the Toy Story Garbage Truck (along with some other lovely presents)

2011-11-17 21-37-56_0032wm

And Mommy and Daddy surprised him with the Slinky Dog he's been asking for...

2011-11-17 21-42-41_0040wm

2011-11-17 21-46-52_0042wm

After presents there was cake (not made by Mommy this time- couldn't do 2 cakes in one week!)

2011-11-17 22-31-28_0043wm

Some fingers in the icing....

2011-11-17 22-32-54_0050wm

And a very blue, very happy little guy!

2011-11-17 22-38-18_0053wm

Thanks so much to everyone who sent such nice things for our little man!  We sure think he's special and it means a lot to us to know that so many other people think he's special too!

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