Nov 23, 2011


I've been whiny lately- on Facebook, on my blog, and in my non-virtual world too. Have been feeling blue about the whole infertility thing and some salt has been rubbed in the wound over the past few weeks. But you know what salt is good for?? Margaritas! And "Aunt Flo" just arrived so I can drink one guilt free!!!

So my apologies for my whiny blah ness of late. Have reminded myself that life really is good- I have a beautiful, smart little boy, a wonderful handsome hubby who takes charge of the turkey every year (honey-brined and smoked this year!!), a fridge full of food, and great family and friends both near and far.... So much to be thankful for, more than a lot of people in this world, and I truly AM grateful....

No more whining (at least til Friday!)!

Margaritas go perfectly with turkey, right??

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