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Things to Remember: Month 34

So we don't really count LP's age by months any more, we just say he's almost 3 (and then freak out internally at the fact that he's ALMOST 3!!!), but I still want to keep track of all the changes in him and all of the things he's up to recently....

At 34 months, LP is, we believe, heading right for the "Terrible Threes" (I've learned, after talking to many people with older children that the threes are worse than the twos...).  He's like the little girl with the curl who when she was good was very very good, and when she was bad she was horrid.  And although I wouldn't say he's horrid, he definitely has learned just which buttons to push...

2011-08-29 15-44-36_0052wm

LP is a skinny little guy with a BIG personality who knows just what he wants.  And usually exactly how to get it. 

2011-08-29 15-43-14_0049wm

LP's favorite new game is called "Scary Monster" where he chases someone (usually Daddy or Gabby or Papa) around the tree in the backyard, roaring at them while they pretend to be afraid of the scary monster.  He also likes when we play "Mommy Monster" and "Tickle Monster" and is convinced that there is a monster in his closet (thanks to a little story Nana told him!) although it's a good monster, like Cookie Monster.

2011-08-31 20-25-41_0061wm

He loves to read, and to be read to.  He loves going to the library and picking out new books. 

2011-09-02 13-12-29_0011wm

One of LP's favorite activities recently is going on a "pik-pik" (aka picnic) and there MUST be a "pik-pik blanket" involved.  He is very specific about the blanket- a table just will not do.

2011-09-02 13-45-30_0040wm

He also pronounces hamburger "hang-gerber," which cracks us up.


After good night kisses and hugs he insists on giving cuddles as well- where he basically leans against who ever he's saying good night to.

2011-09-02 18-46-48_0011wm

LP's imagination runs wild.  When playing trains (or anything, for that matter), he narrates every thing out loud and the stories get more and more involved every day (Thomas fell in the mud and got stuck!  Gordon will save him! Oh no, Gordon can't get over the bridge- there's a cow on the track!  Move cow! Etc. and on and on.  The child is only quiet when he's asleep.)

2011-09-02 18-45-58_0007wm

On the "terrible threes" side of things LP has gotten very bossy lately.  He says to us at least a dozen times a day "Mommy, I told you to _____."  And he puts the dog into time-out almost daily.

2011-09-05 12-58-05_0040wm

He's reached the age where he's starting to copy the things that we say.  The other night Paul muttered to himself while cooking dinner "what a moron."  LP immediately piped in with "what a ron!" 

A few days ago we were leaving day care and I muttered "(insert other person's name here) always parks me in so I have to back out of the driveway- she doesn't think about anyone else!"  LP, in the back seat, immediately said "(insert kid's name here)'s mommy doesn't think about anyone else!."  Yikes!  Guess we need to be more careful!

2011-09-04 19-15-02_0031wm

When he's not being "terrible" LP continues to be super sweet. I get crushing hugs all day long and he loves to take care of his baby doll- wrapping him up in a blanket and tucking him in.  We've been calling the doll "baby" until yesterday when I was told his name is "Gordon Baron."

2011-09-06 19-44-10_0009wm

He also LOVES getting out his stool to help in the kitchen (aka stick his fingers in everything and lick them- watch out if you eat any baked goods at our house!).  He gets really mad if we're doing something he can't help with.

2011-09-09 18-11-19_0002wm

LP says the funniest things.  When we were baking the other day I got out the flour and he said "Flour!  Perfect!  Good job, Mama!"  Later that night I asked him if he wanted me to read him a story before bed and he said, "that would be wonderful little lady!"  He also told me I was a "pain in the neck" but hasn't said that one again since I gave him a strict talking to about not saying mean things...

2011-09-10 16-51-06_0035wm

If we'd let him LP would be a total couch potato.  He's moved on from the Sprout channel  to Disney Junior and is obsessed with Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

2011-09-16 18-22-40_0078wm

LP loves to do certain things "by myself" like brush his teeth, get out his dishes for dinner, and climb into the car.  Other things though, are a struggle.  Potty training is basically on hold for now since he has zero interest in it, and we're working on getting him to dress/undress himself.  Last night I spent 15 minutes just getting him to put on his own shirt. 

2011-09-16 17-57-44_0050wm

He's doing really well with counting.  He can say his numbers to 20 with no problem and can count small groups of things when we ask him to.  He recognizes all of the capital letters and is learning lower-case.  And he can recognize his name if it's written out.

2011-09-16 18-26-13_0132wm

Paul is our amazing, creative, funny, spunky, bossy, smart, and of course, super cute, little man and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next!


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