Aug 25, 2011

New Bathroom Reveal!

So our bathroom renovation project is almost done! We have a few little things to do (some caulk, a new light fixture, fixing the sink so that it doesn't leak, and adding some artwork) but the major parts of the project are finished!

Remember, here's where we started:

Full Bath

And here's how it looks now!  (please ignore the stuff on the counter top- we're still working on a few things!)

2011-08-25 20-39-10_0003wm

2011-08-25 20-38-57_0001wm

We added a shelving unit over the toilet to add storage.  The bathroom is TINY.  5 foot by 6 foot, plus the tub.  So we needed all the storage we could get, especially since our new vanity is 6 inches narrower than the old one (I knocked my elbow on the old vanity every time I sat on the toilet- it was too close for comfort).

2011-08-25 20-39-18_0004wm

2011-08-25 20-39-32_0006wm

And our new medicine cabinet is large too- probably a little too large for the space actually but again, we needed the storage space!

2011-08-25 20-39-40_0007wm

2011-08-25 20-40-04_0010wm

Love love love!  We're so happy with how this turned out!  Once we get our new light fixture in over the vanity and some art on the walls I'll do a final reveal but hopefully this will satisfy all of you who are wondering where we are with the project...

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