Aug 30, 2011

I Heart Faces- White

This week at I ♥ Faces  the theme is White.  This weekend we traveled to New Jersey for my brother Nelson's wedding.  Hurricane Irene tried to put a damper on the weekend but we didn't let that get us down- there was a wedding to be celebrated!!!!

I love this shot I took of Nelson and San- I was seated in the second row behind the groomsmen.  This shot was taken during the Quaker meeting portion of their wedding, when friends and family were invited to stand up and speak if they felt moved to do so.

2011-08-27 17-04-16_0083 copy 2

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  1. I love this photto and I love "peekabo" shots...that's probably not the correct term lol.

  2. Fantastic! Great point of view.

  3. Love the happiness in this shot … great framing :)

  4. I agree with Jessica the framing is awesome. Beautiful photo!

  5. they are going to love this shot! great job



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