Aug 19, 2011

Always a Project...

Paul and I have this problem where as soon as we finish one project around our house, we immediately start thinking what to do next, even when the plan was to do nothing for a while.

After we finished up the patio, we planned to take a break from house projects for at least a month or two.  We worked so hard on that patio that we needed a break!

But then, last weekend, I mentioned to Paul that I was thinking of going to look at some paint colors for our full bath as I really hated the paint in there.  The next thing I knew we were buying floor tiles and a new vanity!  And then, hey, a new toilet!  And a new medicine cabinet! 

So, as usual, here are some before shots, some during shots, and a mockup of how it will look.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be able to post the "after" shots (the new toilet is being installed as I type!).

Here's how the bathroom looked when we bought the house- pale pink bathtub and surround with a matching toilet, sink, floor and counter top.  And an ugly oak vanity and medicine cabinet:

Full Bath

We lived with that bathroom for about 10 months, and then, while I was pregnant with LP and Paul was on a trip to Vegas to see his brothers I surprised him by redecorating the bathroom.  The walls were painted a beige color that we already had in our paint stash, and the vanity and medicine cabinet got a coat of chocolate brown paint.  And it was definitely an improvement, but still old and dingy looking, especially when my poor paint job started chipping off the vanity and cabinet.

Full Bath

After several hours spent ripping out the pink linoleum (most of it on our knees with a heat gun scraping glue off the floor), Paul got started with the tile.

2011-08-14 16-19-51_0041wm

2011-08-14 16-19-58_0042wm

And then I took care of the grout.

2011-08-17 17-09-22_0044wm

And the paint. 

I chose a color called "Iced Apricot," thinking it would brighten up this small, windowless bathroom and be flattering for putting on makeup.  When I brought the paint home I realized that by sheer coincidence it's exactly the same color as the shower surround and bathtub (and the old toilet and sink).  I was a little worried about the color but now I like it- I think it actually makes the pinky peach of the tub disappear somewhat (we'll be replacing the surround with a white one down the road and changing the tub to white as well).

2011-08-19 12-27-54_0048wm

2011-08-19 12-28-02_0049wm

2011-08-19 12-28-10_0050wm

Here's what we chose:


So that's where we are today!  It's been 6 days since we started, 6 days of showering upstairs but using the toilet and brushing our teeth downstairs and I'll be glad to have it finished and usable by the end of the weekend!

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  1. This is exactly why I love you -- you're always coming up with such great visions for taking something and making it awesome. I know the bathroom will be gorgeous when you're through. I thought it was the same bathroom you had already redecorated when I saw the first pic -- and that was pretty impressive then! Can't wait to see the results. Kuddos to you two DIYers!!



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