Jun 15, 2011

Things to Remember: Month 31

Here are a few of the things LP is up to this month that I want to remember. 

2011-06-02 19-47-04_0056wm

1.  For a little while there LP's manners started slipping.  He was telling us to get him things rather than asking.  After some gentle prodding he's back to saying "please" and "thank you."  Now, though, he mixes his words up a bit and says "Please I can have juice?" or "Please you can read me a story?"

2011-06-02 19-46-54_0053wm

2011-06-02 19-47-53_0059wm

2.  Gabby is still his best buddy.  LP LOVES playing ball with Gabby, even if she's always stealing it and running away.

2011-06-02 19-37-27_0022wm

3.  LP's imagination is running wild.  Last night at dinner he told us his fork was Mr. Smee and his spoon was Captain Hook.  His yogurt cup was their cave and he narrated their adventures throughout our meal.  "Mr. Smee- it's scary in here!  So dark!"  "It's not scary Captain Hook!  It's yogurt!  It's pink!"

2011-06-02 19-37-24_0021wm

4.  He had his 2.5 year check-up last week before our zoo trip.  LP grew 3 inches in the last 6 months!  He's actually up to the 87th percentile for height which explains why his size 2T shirts don't cover his tummy any more and his pants are now capris!  He gained 1 lb. and is in the 17th percentile for weight so our little man is tall and skinny just like his daddy!

5.  Things LP wants to do "all by myself" include getting in the car, climbing into his carseat and buckling the top buckle, and climbing the stairs (except at bedtime when he wants to be carried).  Things we're working on are getting dressed and cleaning up his toys.  He says "I can't" a lot which is driving me crazy - especially when he says it about something he's done in the past - but we just tell him to keep trying.  There were big cheers when he got his underpants off all by himself. 

6.  Potty training is still a work in progress.  He's continuing to do pretty well with #1, as long as we're consistent about putting him on the potty, and has even told us once or twice that he had to go.  #2 is coming along much slower but we'll get there!

7.  LP loves to read to us almost as much as he loves for us to read to him.  If we read him a story once or twice he'll remember most of it and can then "read" it back to us. 
2011-06-02 19-36-33_0007 copywm

8.  He's really into playing "Hide and Seek" although he's not very good at hiding or at keeping his eyes closed long enough for us to hide.  He doesn't care though- he loves it anyway.  I also introduced him to a version of "Simon Says" called "Mommy Says" and he thought it was hysterical. 

9.  Little Paul is our sensitive little guy still.  We were all watching Shrek Forever the other night and there's a part where Shrek and his wife Fiona have an argument and then she leaves him outside while she goes back in the house.  LP immediately sat forward on the couch with tears in his eyes, saying, "Oh Shrek!  Poor Shrek!  He misses Fiona!"

10.  LP is very cuddly and huggy lately.  He wants to snuggle up on the couch, gives hugs and kisses all day long, and tells us he loves us.  Am LOVING it!

2011-06-02 19-36-34_0008wm

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  1. Em! LP is so cute. Even with some little boy "backsliding" on his manners, he is just a prince. I loved seeing Gabby and him running around!



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