Jun 30, 2011

Even More Pats on my Back....

I know, I've been all braggy on this blog lately, what with all my recent posts about photo contest entries and mentions on other peoples' blogs... Bear with me one more time and I promise I'll get back to the good stuff (if updates about LP's potty training is considered "good stuff"). 

Ok to two of my favorite sewing bloggers (Dana at MADE, and Rae at Made By Rae)do this whole "Celebrate the Boy" thing a few times a year.  They basically decided that because there are so many people showing off adorable things they made for little girls that those of us with boys needed a little attention too.  Just because little girls can wear ruffles and sunbonnets and other adorable things, doesn't mean the things we make for our little guys can't be spiffied up and super cute too, right? 

So a few weeks ago Rae at Made By Rae did a little photo round up of all the boy projects she really loves from the "Celebrate the Boy" photo pool over at flickr.  Check it out!  See that little khaki hat with a red whale on it in the top row of the second photo mosaic?  Yup!  I made that one as a gift for a friend's little boy's first birthday (and yes, I ironed out the crease in the brim- did it after I took the pictures though!). 

2011-06-04 13-18-45_0002wm

So, I'm sure my 15 minutes of "fame" are now up, and I'll stop bragging about my stuff showing up on other people's blogs!  Back to life as usual!

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