Apr 14, 2011

New Floors!

While LP and I spent the week in Pennsylvania, BP decided the time was right to refinish the floors in two more rooms in our house.  All of the bedrooms have hardwood floors and the only one we had redone so far was the floor in LP's big boy room, leaving the nursery, the master bedroom, and the office (which is technically the 4th bedroom) to be done.  Paul likes to do the floors when we're away as the house gets pretty stinky from the stain and the polyurethane he uses.

Before I left for PA I helped Paul clear out the nursery, moving all of the furniture into LP's room and our room.  He started sanding those floors over the weekend and then once we were out of the house started staining them and then moved everything out of the office to get started down there.

I don't have any great before photos, but here you can see what the office floor looked like:

2011-03-04 11-27-15_0031wm

2011-03-23 14-35-04_0002wm

The floor was in pretty bad shape, and the oak color also didn't blend nicely with the tigerwood that we put down in the kitchen, dining room and hallway.  When we chose the stain color for LP's big boy room we purposefully chose a color that would blend with this tigerwood so that we could use the same stain on all of the bedroom floors.

Here's where the tigerwood and the newly stained office floor meet:

2011-04-13 13-11-58_0010wm

And here's how the rest of the office floor looks now:

2011-04-13 13-11-46_0008wm

It really turned out great!  It's so nice to stand at the kitchen counter, look down the hall, and not see the ugly oak floors in the office. 

The nursery floor looks great as well- I haven't taken any photos but it's the same stain as the office. 

Good job BP!

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