Mar 21, 2011


Paul was sick this weekend with the flu so I was on solo child-care duty.  Our town doesn't have trash collection - we have to take things to the dump ourselves and while this is usually Paul's job on Saturday mornings I took care of it this weekend and took LP with me to run some errands afterwards.

We left Paul laying on the couch because "Daddy sicky" and hopped in the car.  On the way home we passed by a small farm so I slowed the car so that LP could look at the cows, which were all lying down.  "Look!"  I said, "the cows are resting today!"  From the back seat Little Paul piped up, "Yeah!  They restin' like Daddy!!"

2011-03-18 18-01-41_0133wm

LP has recently reached the age of manipulation- of trying anything to get out of taking his nap, having his diaper changed, going to bed, etc.  He comes up with excuse after excuse!

On Sunday afternoon I told LP that after he was done putting his puzzle back together it would be time for his nap.  Of course he immediately started taking pieces out of the puzzle, lining them up on the floor, "counting" them - anything to draw out the process of completing the puzzle.  After a few minutes of this I put the puzzle away and told him it was time to go upstairs.  He responded with:  "I'm sooo hungry!  I'm sooo thirsty!  I not sleepy!  I still playin'!" 

"Too bad," I said, walking him towards the steps, "it's nap time.  You can have a snack/drink/keep playing after your nap."

He looked at me and then sat down on the bottom step.  The next words out of his mouth?  "I no nap!  I in time out!!"

Paul and I cracked up.  Our clever little guy was then carried upstairs to his room for a nap. 

2011-03-18 17-56-08_0121wm

He's a funny one!

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