Mar 29, 2011

A Blog Full of Nothing...

I guess sometimes no news is good news, right?  Well, in the case of my blog, no news is generally no blog entries... Nothing going on around here these days beyond just our normal every day lives!

2011-03-25 16-52-38_0014wm
Making some uber-fancy, from the box brownies.  LP was convinced we were making cake and told me we needed candles and a number 8 on top. 

In the past 3 weeks both LP and Paul have been sick.  LP had some sort of lovely vomiting virus and a week later Paul came down with the standard flu.  So I played nursemaid (and knock on wood, didn't come down with anything myself).  While the other moms in our playgroup were on a girls trip to Florida, I was making tea with honey, nuking heating pads, and Lysoling (yes, I just made that a verb) the heck out of our house...

Here's one cool thing that happened over the past couple weeks- I won a new car seat from Project Nursery. I signed up to be on their mailing list and my name was entered in a contest to win a brand new Britax car seat! Woo hoo!  LP is now riding in style in a Britax Frontier 85, and the Maui Blue color I chose sure has jazzed up the backseat of my car! 

This car seat is rated up to 120 pounds (it converts to a booster) so should last LP until he's big enough to ride old-school style, without a booster.  We moved his Recaro car seat into Paul's car and will use the seat from Paul's old car (which was fairly cheap and not very comfy) as an extra seat for grandparents to use until we need a second seat for a second kid. 

In other news, LP continues to crack us up daily.  Last night he made me cut all his peas in half because they were "too big for ma mouth."  I might just be the only person in the world who has ever cut a pea in half.  And really, the peas were too big but he's very quick to shove an entire half a sandwich in his mouth at once?  Right.

2011-03-23 14-34-59_0001wm
"Ha ha! I so funny! I sit in Gabby's bed and eat ma snack!  Go away doggy!"

I've been trying to devote nap time (which has pretty much morphed into "Rest time" as most days LP refuses to actually sleep but will sit in his bed and play nicely for an hour or two) to time down in my craft room.  I made this cool cutout of LP on my Silhouette last week:

2011-03-19 17-56-58_0012wm

I was inspired by a version I saw using all shades of black and white but didn't have the right colors in my paper stash so made do with what I have.  I'd like to redo it swapping the color order, so that the black parts are taupe and vice versa.  LP told me last night that his eyes are missing in this version. For a first attempt though I think it turned out pretty well!

I also finally finished up a baby blanket I'd been working on for a while and gifted it.  The baby it went to is 4 months old already and I felt bad that it took me so long but what can I say.. At least it's done now!

2011-03-25 11-00-35_0007wm

I did flannel chenille on the back and had forgotten how much I love this!  It only took a couple of hours, and I watched some episodes of Bones on my iPad while I stitched away which made the time fly by.

2011-03-25 11-00-04_0005wm

So that's the news from the land of no news.  Next week LP and I are heading to PA to visit Nana and Pappy and have a little reunion with my college friends (and all of our kids!), while Paul stays home with big plans to refinish the floors in our office and the nursery.  Perhaps I'll have more exciting things to post then!

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