Feb 14, 2011

New Camera Bag!

For my birthday I bought myself a new camera bag.  It's the Built NY Cargo Camera Bag in the large size.  I got a GREAT price for it on Amazon- $30 compared to the regular retail price of $100!  I'm guessing this black raspberry color is being phased out...

2011-01-27 14-27-36_0015wm

I'm really loving this bag so far, although I haven't had much opportunity yet to use it while out and about.  It comes with a shoulder strap so I can wear it messenger bag style.  My other camera bag is a backpack type bag, and while it easily holds all of my lenses and equipment, in order to get anything out of it you have to take it off your back, lay it down on a flat surface, and open the entire back flap of the bag.  It's great for storage or travel but it's not so great when you want to quickly switch a lens.  There also isn't room in it for anything else and I really wanted something that I could throw my wallet, cell phone and a few diapers in if necessary.

2011-01-27 14-28-24_0018wm

Everything fits so nicely and all of the interior pieces are configurable.

As I was getting my new bag all organized I realized that the one thing that bugs me about it is that with my lenses safely tucked away in their little black bags I couldn't tell which was which easily.  I'd end up having to pull each lens out to find the one I want to use. 

So, Shrinky Dinks to the rescue!  I decided to make tags for each bag so that I'd know exactly which lens was in it at a glance.  I would have preferred to design something on my computer and use printable Shrinky Dinks but I've never been able to find them locally so I settled for using some regular old Shrinky Dinks that I already had laying around. 

2011-01-27 14-51-35_0024wm

First, I traced a circle for each lens.  I used permanent markers to write the information for each lens on the tag.  I also decided to add my name and phone number just in case I ever lost my bag or something. 

2011-01-27 15-07-54_0026wm

After punching a hole in each tag (do this BEFORE you bake them!) and shrinking them up in my toaster oven I was left with tags that are just the right size!

Now of course, I could have just tied the tags to the original black lens bags but that's just not my style. I decide to make new bags for each lens in one of my favorite fabrics.  I measured each lens and sewed up a little drawstring bag for each one (some are a  bit of a tight fit unfortunately but I was running low on fabric and had to, as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!").  Each bag is lined with a layer of fleece and a layer of stabilizer, so they're actually more protective than the original black bags that came with each lens.

2011-02-07 18-36-34_0029wm

Here's how they look in my camera bag.  Makes me happy!

2011-02-07 18-36-49_0030wm

Hmmm.. what can I Shrinky Dink label next???

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  1. This is genius! I need it for myself. Thanks for the tip!



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