Feb 2, 2011

The Joy of Love

This month I'm participating in a photo class from Willette Photography called the Joy of Love.  It's a free photo class and is all about taking photos of the ones you love.  Every day you get an email with a little photography lesson and a prompt to follow.

The prompt for day 1 was "What They Do."  Since I couldn't get pictures of Paul at work, I thought I'd get some of LP doing what he loves to do the most- playing with his Thomas trains.  I love watching him play trains- the engines have conversations and adventures and it's amazing to watch him use his imagination...

2011-02-02 13-49-59_0023wm

2011-02-02 13-50-09_0024wm

2011-02-02 13-51-39_0028wm

The prompt for Day 2 was "How They Look."  We were told to capture the TRUE essence/expression/posture of our loved one.  Most nights, the larger couch in our living room becomes Paul's lounging spot.  I knew this is what I needed to capture:

2011-02-02 21-35-14_0062wm

2011-02-02 21-35-34_0063wm

2011-02-02 21-36-41_0066wm

I'm loving this little project so far and can't wait to see what the next prompt is!

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  1. These are awesome! My boys like Thomas too but they don't have the attention span to put the track together and play. They prefer to drag everything out and leave it lying on the floor and then move on to something else. ;)

    Love the DOF on the feet shot! Awesome!



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