Feb 15, 2011

Fresh Paint

A few weeks ago I casually mentioned to Paul that we only have 2 rooms left to paint in this house- our master bedroom and the office.  We went for a little Home Depot run last weekend and came home with a can of "Pensive Sky" by Behr.  Initially, I thought it would be the perfect color for our bedroom (I've been wanting a pale grey in there) but when we got home Paul slapped a swatch of it up on the wall in the office and we decided to run with it and find a different, more saturated grey color for the bedroom.

Somehow, I don't have a photo of this room as the before, but picture ugly oak wood trim, dingy white walls that hadn't been painted since the house was built in the late 60's, and a very ugly wallpaper border around the top of the room. 

The room felt better the second we started ripping that ugly border down.  We spend so much time in here between the computer and LP's train table, and the room is visible when you're standing at the kitchen counter as well so it was crazy that we'd never bothered to do anything about it. 

It's not a major change in color, it's very subtle, much more subtle than the bolder colors we have throughout the rest of the main floor but I really love it.  It looks grey in the mornings and more blue in the evenings. 

2011-02-13 21-34-55_0058wm

Here's another view which also shows our "computer desk."  I don't think I ever blogged about this but it was actually the entertainment center in our old house, which Paul owned before I met him.  It was oak and rather ugly but we moved it to this house when we couldn't find anyone to take it off our hands.  It sat in the garage for a while until I came up with the brilliant (if I can say so myself!) idea to turn it into a much needed desk.  We lugged it into the house, added a shelf with a pull-out keyboard drawer underneath, drilled some holes in the back for cords and painted it black.  It's worked out great.  There's a ton of storage, all of our computer stuff fits in perfectly, and the monitor sits up high enough that you can sit on the chair to do work or stand if you want to. 

2011-02-13 21-35-05_0059wm

Next steps for this room:  getting the artwork back up on the walls, figuring out some curtains (I'm thinking Roman Shades perhaps), and I'm considering putting frosted contact paper on the backs of the glass doors on the desk- I hate seeing all that clutter behind the glass and want to hide it somehow.   And I might tackle reupholstering the desk chair too- it's looking a little rough around the edges...

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  1. Looks wonderful, Em! We are also closing in on rooms left to paint, but I am sure you'll get there before we will. Love seeing your house on here, hope to see it in person someday not too far away!



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