Jan 5, 2011

A Photography Project

Back in October LP and I went to Pennsylvania for a week to visit Nana and Pappy and some friends.  While there, my mom (Nana) asked me if I'd be willing to help out with a fundraising project the senior program at their church was trying to put together.  I've helped out in the past, donating some old computers and designing a logo for the group (pieced together from clipart- NOT drawn by myself!): 

This time though, they wanted me to take some photographs for them- photos that they would then turn into note cards and sell to church members to raise money for the program. 

As much as I'd love to, I've never taken photos for anyone else before, but I've been considering getting more into photography so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new.  My mom told me that they mostly wanted close-ups of peoples' hands while they were participating in activities at the senior program.  I took along a few different lenses and my external flash, hoping I could figure out how to get some great photos without great lighting as the program takes place inside of the church.

I wasn't planning to share these photos on my blog, as when I look at them I only really see the things I did wrong (some blurriness, etc.)  But they've had a great reception from everyone else- the note cards sold out quickly, and someone even called my dad at his office to tell him how great the photos were once they'd heard that I'd taken them!  And so, in the spirit of my resolution to start working on some ideas for my own business, I thought I should share my first "real" photography job. 

Here are the final photos that the group chose to use for their fundraiser:











(that's Little Paul's hand- in case you couldn't guess from the Thomas the Train in the photo!)...

I'm going to work really hard this year to challenge myself when it comes to my photography- I want to learn more, take better photos, and start putting myself out there a bit.  Several of my friends have asked me over the past year or two to take family photos for them, and it's one of those things that we talk about but never happens.  This is the year- if I'm going to seriously get into photography now's the time!

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  1. Take a photography class - I found it to be extremely helpful. You probably won't retain everything you learn, but even if you remember just a portion of it, your photos will be better. The trick, of course, is to immediately practice what you have been taught, so it just comes naturally after awhile.



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