Dec 31, 2010

The Year in Review....

I just realized that my last post was #300!  So for number 301, and to ring in 2011, I thought I'd do a photo recap of 2010...


Nana came to visit...

1-31-2010 10-58-09 AM_0041

LP started using sign language a lot (here he's saying "milk")

1-21-2010 6-00-59 PM_0053 copy copy

And he started really walking on his own!

1-13-2010 3-06-23 PM_0012 copy copy


LP flew for the first time (and we all survived!)...

2-17-2010 6-04-23 PM_0003

When we went to Las Vegas to visit Paul's brothers and our niece.

vegas 085

LP loves his cousin Lilli

And work commenced on my basement craft room!

2-15-2010 10-20-52 PM_0010


LP and I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my parents...


We also visited my college roomie at our alma mater...


And had fun playing with her two kids as well as with the son of another college friend...



Then we took cheesy family photos:




We built a shed in our yard


LP helped with the gardening


And we had an Easter Egg Hunt at Grammy and Papa's house...



We built a sandbox for LP...

5-22-2010 3-05-02 PM_0088

LP had his first real ice cream cone...

2010-05-31 19-06-45_0013

We did some landscaping...

2010-05-30 16-41-52_0050

And Paul tore down our chainlink fence and put up a gorgeous split rail fence...

2010-05-30 16-40-07_0040

2010-05-31 16-13-37_0003

Nana came to visit...

2010-05-26 11-53-02_0024

And so did a baby owl!


I went to Michigan where I spent the weekend in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright,


Visited with my family and our dear family friends,


And watched my baby brother graduate from law school.



 In June I whipped up a stuffed Cookie Monster...

2010-06-04 15-37-06_0022

And LP spent tons of time outside playing with buckets of water...

2010-06-18 19-32-01_0171


In July we went to Pennsylvania and went to the zoo with Nana and Pappy

2010-07-09 12-07-09_0083

LP brushed a goat and had fun with Pappy.

2010-07-09 11-37-54_0067

We also went to a Firemen's Parade...

2010-07-10 18-47-01_0155

Celebrated Paul's birthday...

2010-07-17 20-15-49_0008

And went to the zoo- again!

2010-07-31 14-41-26_0059


In August we went to Cape Cod for the day to visit with my high school friends and their kids....

2010-08-15 11-53-47_0084

And then went back for a week with Paul's family who'd flown out from Vegas...

2010-08-30 19-25-58_0028

LP loved playing with cousin Lilli again...

2010-08-30 19-25-44_0025

And enjoyed playing at the beach...

2010-08-31 12-06-10_0050

2010-08-31 11-57-39_0039

We saw my high school roomie again while on the Cape!

2010-09-01 11-31-38_0085


In September Uncle Spencer and his fiance Frances came to visit (newly engaged!)

2010-09-11 18-26-52_0001

And read LP lots of stories!

2010-09-12 20-07-49_0013


We started work on Little Paul's Big Boy Bedroom...

2010-10-02 18-20-02_0006


And LP and I went to Pennsylvania where we saw:

2010-10-17 14-54-54_0092

Aunt Sue

2010-10-17 14-54-30_0090

G.G. (Great Grandma)

2010-10-17 14-54-22_0088

and Aunt Cindi!

We also helped Pappy feed the deer in the backyard:

2010-10-17 18-13-03_0126

2010-10-17 18-21-16_0136

He was James the Train for Halloween....

2010-11-03 12-05-44_0003

And we finished up LP's Big Boy Bedroom and moved him in!

2010-11-07 12-59-05_0090

2010-11-07 12-58-53_0089


In November we celebrated Little Paul's second birthday!

2010-11-13 21-04-55_0085

With a big train table,

2010-11-14 16-17-38_0087

And a train cake!

2010-11-13 16-54-44_0049

On Thanksgiving we visited the LeBaron family ancestors...

2010-11-25 10-53-33_0025

And then ate the hugest turkey ever cooked for just 5 people, carved by the creepiest turkey carver:

2010-11-25 17-10-54_0079

And the next day we picked out our Christmas tree!

2010-11-27 15-17-22_0092


2010-12-03 15-33-46_0027

We decorated for Christmas...

2010-12-06 20-36-41_0001

Made gingerbread houses with our friends...

2010-12-11 18-40-32_0097

And baked cookies with Daddy...

2010-12-19 12-44-39_000820101219

And then, we celebrated!

2010-12-25 10-26-06_0051

And played in the snow!

2010-12-28 14-52-08_0056

All in all, 2010 was a wonderful year!  With any luck, 2011 will be even better!

Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for 2011!

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