Nov 12, 2010

The Holiday Rush is Comin'!

Every year it seems as though the time between Halloween and Christmas gets shorter and shorter. Now we're coming up on Thanksgiving and while I'm trying to relax about it and just look forward to Turkey Day, I'm finding myself stressing out about Christmas already! With a toddler in the house who has just caught onto the idea of "presents!" I think this Christmas might just be our best one yet... Paul and I are really looking forward to watching LP's face as he comes down the stairs Christmas morning to see what Santa brought- even if he doesn't really have a clue who Santa is...

One thing I've already started working on is our annual holiday card. In 2008, since LP was born about a month before Christmas we did a combo birth announcement/holiday card with these photos (I think! Since I was in a daze caused by a newborn I can't remember exactly!):

December 5 "Photo Shoot"

December 5 "Photo Shoot"

Last year I used this adorable photo (one of my all time favorites) for our cards, which I had printed at Shutterfly:

10-7-2009 3-48-15 PM10 copy

This year, I'm having some trouble choosing our cards. Shutterfly has tons of great ones to choose from, so that's not a problem!  The problem is that I can't get LP to sit still long enough to get a great shot of him that's holiday card appropriate!  Every photo I take of him is blurry as he's constantly on the go!

Oh well, eventually I'll get the right shot.. Until then I'll spend my time drooling over the choices Shutterfly has for cards this year: 

I love this one:

This is such a great way to combine photos and a brief family update:

And with Little Paul's love for trains this one is tempting:

Hmm... with all these choices it just might take me as long to choose a card as it will to get a great photograph!  All of you out there on my Christmas card list- watch for my card to arrive some time in May!!!

Oh and by the way, to any other bloggers out there: Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

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  1. It makes me feel better to know someone else has Christmas Cards on the brain already as well. I used tinyprints for my birth announcement and plan on using them this time around as well (in case you are looking for even more alternatives)



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