Oct 29, 2010

Pennsylvania Trip Highlights

A few weeks ago LP and I took a trip to Pennsylvania.  We drove down on Wednesday and then on Friday I left LP with my parents for the weekend and went out to Carlisle, PA where I went to college to hang out with two of my besties from back in the day in our old stomping grounds. 

2010-10-16 11-13-51_0071
An awesome shot of us hanging in the student union.  Fortunately the actual students were on fall break so we don't look too nerdy taking this shot (although I could have chosen a more flattering angle!)

When I got back to my parents' house Sunday morning (my parents, apparently, barely surviving the 40 hours of Toddler Boot Camp) my grandmother and aunts came to visit and to bestow presents upon LP (even though it was Aunt Cindi's birthday).

2010-10-17 14-29-35_0076
LP was very excited that GG (Great Grandma) brought him a "Big Thomas!"

2010-10-17 14-31-59_0077
Little Paul and the birthday girl- Aunt Cindi

2010-10-17 14-35-23_0081
Little Paul and Aunt Sue- they hadn't met before but LP took to Aunt Sue very quickly, especially since she was willing to read his Thomas coloring book to him.

2010-10-17 14-54-22_0088
We played ball outside....

2010-10-17 14-54-30_0090

2010-10-17 14-55-00_0094
Attempted learning how to "catch"

2010-10-17 14-58-27_0102
And had a bubble-blowing contest.

2010-10-17 15-06-01_0109
Then we went for a nice leisurely stroll with Pappy and Nana.

2010-10-17 18-10-21_0115
Later that afternoon we helped Pappy feed his pet deer in the back yard.  First, you pour a bucket of corn on the stone wall. 

2010-10-17 18-11-15_0119
And then you watch the very tame deer come over to enjoy the buffet.

2010-10-17 18-12-53_0124

2010-10-17 18-13-03_0126

2010-10-17 18-20-21_0133

2010-10-17 18-21-14_0135
This deer is so tame now that I was able to take pictures of it from less than 10 feet away.

Pennsylvania- it's happening there folks, I tell ya!

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