Oct 4, 2010

Big Boy Bedroom

Day 2 of the Big Boy Bedroom involved lots and lots of painting. I always get stuck with the edging and trim as I'm no good with a roller so I was up and down the stepstool all day- laying on the floor to do the baseboards, reaching above my head to do the edge between the walls and the ceiling, etc.  It was quite a workout really!

We have one more coat to put on the walls and I have to do another coat on the trim- we're hoping to get some of that accomplished this week!  Here's a photo of where things are right now (this photo does a pretty good job of showing the colors we chose- I realized as I was painting the trim that they're very similar to the paint colors in my bedroom growing up!):

2010-10-03 19-36-42_0002

And now, what you've all been waiting for- my inspiration board!


The top left shows the wall color and trim color we chose.  They're both Glidden paint colors- the walls are "Soft Sage" and the trim is "Frosted Pine."  We also chose a Martha Stewart color called "Mariner Blue" to paint our old bedroom dresser and the bed with- that's the blue square you see above.  We bought the bed on the right although in a natural finish and will paint it blue.  The blue, green and brown squares is the area rug we currently have in the nursery.  I think we're going to have to look for something larger though as it's a bigger room.  On the bottom are some bedding ideas although I'm not in love with anything I've found yet (at least not our price range as we're trying to do this as cheap as we can!).  In the center is an awesome United States chalkboard that I saw on a blog somewhere- you basically cut a piece of mdf into the shape and then paint it with chalkboard paint.  Paul has agree to help me do this.  Since LP is obsessed with his Thomas trains we're doing a sort of trains/transportation themed room but I'm trying to keep it as non-cartoony as we can so that we won't have to change too much as he gets older. 

Here's our idea for the floor plan:
The bed will go on the far wall with the bookcase tucked under the angled ceiling (we think the bookcase headboard might be a few inches too high but I think we'll be able to shorten it if necessary).  The bed will run along that wall under the shelf (where we'll probably stash most of LP's stuffed animals).

On the wall under that oh-so-lovely bare light bulb we'll put the long, low dresser.  I'm debating a few ideas for something large to put on the wall above the dresser as that's the only large, empty wall in the room.  LP is getting a train table for his birthday which will most likely go opposite the dresser just under the window.  I'll be adding a little cushion to the window seat (and we'll rig the window so that he can't open it all the way).

2010-10-02 18-19-36_0003

At the other end of the room is a large closet which we're reserving for winter coats and luggage- a two-year-old really doesn't need any hanging space and he'll have plenty of storage between his dresser, the drawers under his  bed, and the built-in drawers.  The corner between the built-ins and the closet will become his reading nook- we'll add a bookcase and either his little chair or a bunch of floor pillows or something.  I think the USA chalkboard will go on that wall directly above the built-ins.

2010-10-02 18-20-02_0006

We're hoping to finish painting this week and then set-up and paint the bed this weekend.  LP and I are going out of town for a few days next weekend and Paul is going to take advantage of our absence and refinish the hardwood floors which desperately need it...

So that's our plan so far!  I'll keep you updated as it comes along!

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