Oct 12, 2010

Big Boy Bedroom Update (and other Random Things)

Over the weekend Paul decided to go ahead and get started refinishing the hardwood flooring in the room that will be LP's Big Boy Bedroom- it was in BAD shape.  He spent all weekend sanding, and I spent all weekend either watching LP while Paul worked on the floors or cleaning up all the sawdust from the sanding.  Sunday night we were able to put down a coat of stain.  Here's Paul hard at work:


I'm having a really hard time getting the true colors of this room to show right in photos (although probably taking photos after dark doesn't help!).  We're going for sort of a medium to darker color on the floors.  They are oak and were originally just that basic oak color.  We've decided to do one more coat of stain to darken it up a bit.  LP and I are heading to Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit Nana and Pappy and some of my college friends and Paul will polyurethane it while we're away.  Next weekend we hope to get the bed put together and painted and then I can start really decorating!!!

Thought I'd take a minute to share some recent favorite pics of LP too since I don't have any other new "Big Boy Bedroom" photos to share!

2010-10-08 20-44-31_0075
Daddy and Little Paul reading before bed.  This is a Disney book where they show you pictures of things and then you find them in the larger picture.  LP LOVES this book lately and has memorized where everything is...

2010-10-08 20-37-55_0070
LP and Daddy watching a "boobie."  In toddler talk, that's a movie.

2010-10-08 18-02-59_0067
Yay!  He stayed still long enough for my camera to focus!

2010-10-08 18-02-59_0066
This is entitled "Doin' Mama???"

2010-10-08 17-51-47_0063
And I believe in this photo he was pretending to be an elephant.  He's started pretending to be several things lately- sometimes he'll be a baby and crawl around on the floor.  Other times he'll walk around the house saying "hee ha hee ha" until one of us says "Oh!  Is there a monkey in the house?  How did it get in??"  Cracks him up every time (and us!)

2010-10-08 17-51-08_0061
LP would play outside all day long just driving his cars and trucks around....

2010-10-08 17-20-47_0020
Ha!  This face cracks me up!!!

The following three photos are what happens when I say "LP- why don't you sit on the step and I'll take your picture?":
2010-10-08 17-31-18_0033

2010-10-08 17-31-19_0034

2010-10-08 17-28-46_0032

Last shot taken right before he plows into Mama....

Silly Paul.

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