Oct 22, 2010

Big Boy Bedroom Update 4

LP and I took a long weekend trip to Pennsylvania last weekend and Paul took advantage of us being gone to get the stinky part of the floor project done- the polyurethane..... Ugh- the house still smells a bit!

The results are great though:

2010-10-22 09-57-01_0004

2010-10-22 09-56-46_0003

2010-10-22 09-56-35_0002

The room looks so great!  These pictures are actually pretty close to the true color as well.  This weekend we're going to put the rest of the bed together and paint it the same blue as the headboard.  It will eventually be situated along the back wall under the shelf with the headboard under the angled ceiling.  We're hoping to start moving the rest of the furniture in this weekend as well and then I get to start the fun part of really pulling the room together!

Watch for more updates!

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