Sep 20, 2010

Summer Summer Summertime!

(feel free to sing along with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh know you want to!)

Our summer has been swamped- at least the last few weeks of it!

It all started with a trip to the Cape with Paul's whole family.  Both his brothers flew out from Vegas with their significant others (one with his wife and our 4 year old niece, LP's only cousin so far; the other with his girlfriend) and along with Paul's parents we all spent a week in a teeny tiny house on the Cape about an hour south of where we live.  So, it was almost a "staycation" I guess. 

We had lots of fun with plenty of beach time, mini golf, and ice cream cones- all the things that come standard on a vacation to the Cape. 
2010-09-01 18-48-05_0105
LP and Granny on the boardwalk before a clambake one night...

2010-09-01 11-31-47_0088

We got to hang out with my high school bestie and her little man who were on the cape too.  Soooo fun and I hate that they live so far away in New Jersey... Wish we could hang out all the time!

2010-08-30 19-25-44_0025

LP got to run around with his cousin and get into all sorts of trouble.  The grownups got to grill ribs and drink beer and get into our own sorts of trouble.

2010-08-31 12-05-44_0048

LP learned to (somewhat) like the beach.  We went twice and he hated it at first as he didn't like his shoes to get dirty or wet but also didn't want to take his shoes off.  By the end of the first day though he actually walked into the water on his own accord, was knocked flat on his back under the water by a teeny tiny wave, and smiled at me when I fished him out rather than freaking out as I expected. So we'll call it a success!

A few days after we got back from the Cape my mom drove up for a few days so that we could go to the Brimfield antique show (I'll have some photos later of my purchases there!).  The next day my youngest brother (Uncle Spence) and his fiance Frances came to visit too and joined Mom and I and my mom's college friend Jen at Brimfield.  Then Mom left and we hung out with Uncle Spencer and Aunt Frances for a few days before they headed home to DC where they both started their new jobs today.

2010-09-12 20-08-09_0015

2010-09-12 20-04-33_0009

We had a great couple of weeks visiting with both sides of the family.  Now we're trying to get back in our regular routine, and LP is trying to re-adjust to not having people around spoiling him rotten all the time! 

Phew!  I think we might need a vacation after our vacation!

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