Aug 26, 2010

Recent Projects....

I've been doing some little sewing projects here and there and realized I haven't posted about any of them lately... So here's the update of what I've been up to in my wonderful sewing room over the past few months:

2010-08-16 15-43-23_0020
A curtain for the window above the kitchen sink- this had been on my list for years!  (And yes, painting the kitchen ceiling is on the list too, although I think it might be several more years before we get around to it!)

2010-08-16 15-42-20_0016
A Thomas the Tank Engine pillow for LP.  It's just felt and flannel appliqued onto a standard pillow- I went with a "natural" edge to it and didn't hem each piece so it's a little frayed looking but LP LOVES it....

2010-08-16 15-41-36_0013
A Thomas the Train "Quillow" for LP.  (Yes, there's a Thomas obsession in our house)  This is a soft fuzzy blanket that folds up into a pocket so it can be used as a blanket or as a pillow....

2010-08-13 18-12-03_0058
Baby sun hats!  I actually made 3 of these, the third had a little pink paper doll fabric lining as it was for a little girl.  LP and I went down to the Cape (as in Cod) a few weekends ago and met up with some of my friends from high school who were all there at the same time, and coincidentally staying in the same town about an hour from our house.  Each of us has a little one now so I made hats for everyone.

2010-08-15 10-27-20_0074
And here's a little sweetie (the son of my dearest dearest friend) wearing his hat!

2010-08-12 18-07-35_0050
This is just a simple little bag with the name of another friend's son embroidered on front.  He's obsessed with Thomas trains too and I thought he could use the bag to carry them around with him...

2010-08-12 18-06-17_0046
And this little quilt went to his new little sister....

2010-08-16 15-43-41_0021
I can't take credit for the creation of this, or even the installation, as Paul took charge of this project, but I did pick it out!  Finally, a new faucet for our downstairs half bath. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner as it's such a huge improvement!

As always, I have tons of other projects on my "to do" list and on my "already started and now in a pile in my sewing room" list but these are some of my more recent, finished projects!

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  1. Everything looks awesome! the hats are so cute and i love, love, love that quilt. as usual you do amazing stuff!



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