Aug 24, 2010

Last fall LP wasn't really walking yet, so while I put cute little jeans and cargo pants on him from time to time, he mostly still lived in stretchy little pants and onesies.  This year though, he's a little boy- running around, getting into things, playing outside.  And I've caught the back-to-school shopping bug pretty badly!  I'm trying to restrain from shopping too much for LP, but haven't been able to resist adding a few cute things to his fall wardrobe (all purchased on sale, as I'm now the cheapest person on the planet when it comes to buying clothing and consider Old Navy a splurge.....)

LP's Fall Wardrobe

LP's Fall Wardrobe by emskyrooney on

A few of these things Little Paul already has- he's got the little yellow raincoat except in a grassy green.  And the little blue fleecy jacket he has in red from last year and it still fits this year (yay!).  We already had a yellow polo shirt and a cute little mock-neck sweater that was passed down from a friend's very dapper son (our sweater is a mossy green).  We have a few pairs of jeans and some khakis as well.  

So I've basically been picking up some tops.  I snagged a cute grey zip-up hoodie sweater and a red striped top at Old Navy.  Then today, with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I snagged the adorable green top, blue camo top, and elephant shirt at Gap Kids (LP LOVES elephants so I couldn't resist - and don't worry, I used some of the gift card on myself as well!).  We picked up a pair of brown sneaker/shoes for him over the weekend for his play shoes and my mom bought him the most adorable pair of brown suede Pediped shoes for nicer occasions (those of you who haven't tried the Pedipeds- they seriously rock.  They're adorable, last really well, and are really good for little feet).

I'm guessing his cute brown corduroy hat from last year won't fit anymore so I'm on the lookout for a cute replacement, and I'd love to pick up some flannel button-downs and maybe a puffy vest but am trying to restrain myself.....

So Little Paul is ready for back-to-school.  What's his Mama wearing this fall?  Perhaps that will be my next post (although jeans and t-shirts aren't terribly exciting!)

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