Aug 29, 2010

Funny Guy....

Every night after we put LP to bed Paul and I sit for a few minutes on the couch (before he heads off to his basement den of video games and I head to the computer or my sewing room) and exchange stories about the funny things LP did or said that day...

Last night I put LP to bed.  After I read him a story he picked another book out to take with him to bed (along with his 2 current favorite Thomas the Tank Engine trains- Emily and Percy).  I put him in his crib and he sat down with his book and his blankie ("my anky!" he calls it) and started saying hello to everything in his crib.  "Hello anky!!"  "Hello book!"  "Hello Emily!"  "Hello Percy!"  "Hello bed!"  "Hello Cookie!"  "Hello Pillow!"

2010-07-21 17-22-29_0022

He cracks me up.

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