Jul 1, 2010


One of the blessings of coming from a family of packrats is that there are plenty of vintage treasures from days gone by stowed away in Mom and Dad's basement.  And some of these treasures have made it all the way to Massachusetts.

Some of you long-time readers might remember that back when I first decorated LP's nursery I used some of my Dad's baby clothing as wall decor:

As LP has gotten older we've done a little rearranging in his room and so the vintage clothing mostly came down and his growth-chart and some picture frames went up (except for one little outfit on the wall near his crib):

My Dad's clothes were tucked away in Little Paul's closet until yesterday, when I pulled them out to see if LP just might fit into any of them....

Now, the lighting wasn't the greatest, LP has a yucky rash on his arms and legs, and on top of all of that, he's super hard to photograph lately as he's either moving too quickly or is right in my face trying to look at the photos of "Paul Pomas" on the camera screen, but I managed to catch a few cute shots of Little Paul dressed in one of Little Tommy Walters' toddler outfits:

Love this next one:  LP is in my dad's outfit.  The quilt was made for him by my mom using fabric that she used in my nursery when I was a baby (told you- family of packrats!)

(Oh and can I just say "hellooo buttons!!"  I think there were 30 teeny-tiny buttons on that little outfit!  I can't imagine how much time it would take to change his diaper if LP was wearing an outfit like this all the time!  Yikes!)

Looking at these photos reminds me of some I took back when LP was 3 weeks old (and I was still figuring out my camera) of him wearing a little baby gown that Big Paul's Aunt Carol embroidered for him back when he was born in 1972!

I'm so glad that we have these family heirlooms to share with Little Paul and to pass along.  Maybe one day there will be a Little-Little Paul to take photos of!

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