Jun 8, 2010

Cookies and Quilties...

I found some time recently to finish up a few projects I'd been working on.  I'd been wanting to recover the throw pillows on our couch for a while in more springy/summery colors to jazz things up.  Here's how things turned out:

New quilted pillows for the smaller couch that look like this:

2010-06-04 15-45-58_0049

New quilted pillows for the larger couch that look like this (I was originally planning to recover the brown pillows too but I think I like the contrast of them and will leave them as is):

2010-06-04 15-35-27_0016

And a new lap-sized quilt for the back of the couch:

2010-06-04 15-36-19_0020

Here's more of the quilt:

2010-06-04 15-37-50_0024

In other sewing news, LP has been playing a lot lately with zippers- on his sweatshirt, on pants, wherever he can find them.  We've also been working on counting and he's obsessed with Sesame Street so I thought I could combine all 3 things and came up with this (somewhat wonky) Cookie Monster doll:

2010-06-04 15-37-06_0022

Cookie's mouth unzips so that you can feed him cookies!

2010-06-04 15-40-58_0034

And here's LP loving his Cookie!

2010-06-03 18-02-52_0005

Just a few more sewing projects crossed off the list of at least a bazillion projects I want to do!


  1. I love the zipper mouth monster, cute yet disturbing!

  2. Oh, the cookie monster looks so cute!!!



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