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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Sixteen

Yesterday LP and I headed off to the pediatrician for his 16-month check-up.  He was a very good boy, so good, in fact, that the doctor kept commenting on what a nice child he is and said several times that most 16-month-olds aren't nearly so happy to let the doctor examine him.  He said that LP's nice behavior was partly because of the way we're raising him, and partly because he obviously trusts me and could sense that I trust the doctor.  So hey, as his mother, I'm happy to take the credit for his good behavior! 

Little Paul weighed in at 21 lbs and 15 oz, a gain of almost 3 pounds since his 1-year checkup.  He's 31.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches taller than at 12 months.  He's right around the 10th percentile for height and weight, while his head circumference is in the 80th percentile- pretty much right where he's been all along!

Here are some things to remember:

1.  LP still loves to read- YAY!  He'll bring us a book, telling us which book it is, such as "bubbles" or "baa," which implies it's the book with the sheep on front.  He'll sit on my lap listening to stories or he'll sit in his little chair and look at them on his own.  Last night as I was reading him his bedtime story he climbed off my lap halfway through, taking the book with him.  He walked over to the crib, shoved the book between the bars, and then motioned to me that he wanted to be in his crib.  I picked him up, turned on a little crib lamp he has that shuts itself off after 20 minutes, and left him sitting in his crib reading his book to himself.  We could hear him telling the story through the monitor, saying "baa, neigh, moo, etc.", and then all was silent after the light turned off. 

2.  Busy busy busy.  This little man never stops, unless he's sleeping.  And even then he's one of those kids who's all over the place, from one end of the crib to the next. 

3.  Many people have commented that he looks like a little old man...  Which I guess is partially my fault since I dress him in sweater vests and polo shirts.  But they're so darn cute!

4.  Now that he's a big boy who can walk and run there's nothing he loves more than FREEDOM!  Take him any place where he can ramble around wherever he wants and he is one happy guy!

5.  Tantrums.  Apparently the terrible twos have started early (although I've heard that the threes are worse, and that, in fact, the woman who coined the term "terrible twos" totally regrets it as the threes are actually much more terrible.).  When LP gets mad he hits things, throws things, and slams things.  We're working on it, but since I still find myself occasionally wanting to slam a door or throw something I'm sure it won't be easy!  When he acts this way we just say something like "we don't throw our cup on the floor" and then either ignore him or distract him with a task (Come help Mommy feed the dogs!).  He usually gets over it pretty quickly.

6.  Little Paul is a daredevil.  He's always loved being thrown in the air, swung around, and tumbled about.  Add in some swings and a big slide and he's thrilled to pieces!  As he gets older we'll have to recruit someone to take him on roller coasters because his Mommy and Daddy don't like them...

7. LP is very helpful, as long as you don't mind the fact that everything takes ten times longer than it would without his help.  He can put his shoes away, help clean up toys, give treats to the dogs, close cabinet doors, put his laundry in the hamper, and get out a diaper when he needs a clean one.  He also loves to boss the dogs around, yelling at them in LP language to go outside ("out! out!") or to eat their dinner.  He stands in the kitchen yelling at them and pointing his finger until they comply. 

8.  LP still hasn't figured out how to get down the stairs on his own by crawling down backwards and seems to have gone right to wanting to walk down them.  This involves me holding his arm as tightly as I can while he throws himself down the stairs, giggling to himself the whole way down.  He does pretty well on the one step between our kitchen and mudroom though, holding onto the doorjamb to help himself down.

9.  Not something I'd ever forget, and not something specific to being 16 months, but have I mentioned yet how freakin' cute he is?  I really can't stand it sometimes...

10.  He's learning how to do more things every day.  He can say the following words: bubbles, baa (sheep), baba (bottle), Mommy, Daddy, Lilli, Socksie, Gabby, dog, All Done, Thank you, juice, Nana, and Papa.  And he can sign more, all done, milk, please, and sleepy.  He played tee ball a few times while on vacation last week and so Paul bought him a set of his own when we got home.  He knew just what to do with it.  He knows how to turn our dvd player on, how to change the channel on the tv., and which button to press to take a picture with my camera.  He's so aware of things, always noticing what we're doing.  It really amazes me to see his little brain light up like this!


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