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LP Goes to PA

A couple weeks ago LP and I headed down to visit my parents for a week in Pennsylvania.  It was the longest we'd both been away from home, leaving Big Paul behind, but we had lots to do and lots of people to see (including some surprise last minute visitors who we weren't expecting!)

The week started out quietly at Nana and Pappy's house.  We played games and read books.  Over and over again. 

We took over the sun room with all of his stuff- the table and chairs below were Pappy's when he was little.

LP taught Pappy how to do some sign language- say "more" Pappy!

We spiffed up and went to church.

On Monday Great-Grandma Ree (GG) and Great-Aunt Cindi came to visit.
LP shared his farm toys with GG.

And Great-Aunt Cindi gave LP a super-soft bunny rabbit.

Later that day LP and I hopped back in the car and headed to Carlisle, PA, a 2-hour drive, to visit my college roomie and best friend Aimee and her two kids.  Her husband works for the college we went to and I hadn't been back to visit in almost 10 years so it was a little strange to be back in town, with baby in tow.

Here's LP playing with his friends.

We toured the campus, checking out everything that had changed,

and talking about how we've changed more than the campus has- seriously- 3 kids between us?  Who'd have thought?!? Not us back in the day when all we thought about was boys and beer and classes (and yes, usually in that order, I'll admit).

The student union (HUB) has been spiffed up.

And what was once a coffee bar is now a sushi bar!

Later that morning another college friend arrived with her son who's a few months older than LP.  I hadn't seen her since she got married right after graduation and it was great- just like the old times, except with diapers. 

Here's the only shot of all 4 kids together- trying to get 4 kids ages 3 and under into one photo is pretty much impossible.

The guys took turns playing tee-ball:

And then we headed back to Nana and Pappy's house. Uncle Nelson arrived from NYC that night so the next day we all went to the park. 

LP loved the swings:

And the teeter-totter:

And the slide:

And then he puked all over the backseat of the car on the way home.  Uncle Nelson helped cleanup, which I think is probably the best kind of birth control available!

LP seemed fine after the puke incident (which, by the way, was the third time he'd puked that day.  We should have known something was up but he was acting completely normal and it's not unusual for him to get sick if he eats too much or gets excited so we didn't think anything of it) so we had Uncle Russ, Cousin Gayle, Cousin Chip, and Mr. Rogers over for dinner. 

There are no pictures however I'm sure none of them will ever forget the evening as LP proceeded to puke all over me while sitting on my lap on the couch next to Mr. Rogers.  It was so bad that I had to throw my shoes away.  (Turned out he had a stomach virus of some kind which I ended up with and which we passed along to a few other people.  We're good at sharing.)

LATE that night Uncle Spencer and his girlfriend Frances arrived from Michigan.  They'd decided at the last minute to drive in for the weekend.  LP and I did NOT stay up to wait for them so the next morning we were up early as usual.

LP apparently thought it was too early though and took a nice morning nap in the wagon as Uncle Nelson pulled him around.

Once everyone was up and caffeinated we headed back to the park.  Uncle Spence and Uncle Nel taught LP how to play frisbee.

And we took some cheesy photos:

And goofed off a bit.

Some of us more than others.

The only thing missing was Big Paul and San, Nelson's fiance.  Wish they'd been there to be part of this lovely family portrait.

And with that, I leave you with one final cheesy photo:


LP and I had a great time in PA.  It was a long time to be away from home and we were definitely glad to be back in Massachusetts with Paul and the doggies but it was great to see so many people and to have so much fun!


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