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One Quick Project....

For a while I've been looking at purchasing a bookshelf for LP's books like this one where all the books face forward:

Then one of the bloggers I read (and now, of course, I can't remember who it was!) had the brilliant idea to take an old shoe rack and turn it into a similar shelf.  "Aha!" I  thought!  We had an old DVD rack down in the basement that could probably be put to use again!

It looked a lot like this:

So this past weekend I finally got around to it.  And it was one of those projects that I wish I'd done long ago as it hardly took any time at all!  The result:

Of course, LP's favorite new game is called "Dump and Drop" where he dumps over his toy baskets or pulls everything off a shelf so while he did sit and quietly look at a book for a few minutes after I had his new shelf set up, less than 5 minutes later he'd pulled everything off the shelves, even standing on his tippytoes to reach the toys on the top shelf.

I'm pretty happy with the result but am planning to redo it already!  As I wasn't sure how it would turn out I just used some ugly cheap fabric I had lying around.  And I didn't quite have enough fabric to line the insides of the pockets or to make the top pocket deeper.  So one of these days I'll sew up some new pockets- you simply unscrew the dowels that held the DVD's and slide the pockets onto them.

Easy peasy!  LP loves being able to get to all of his books easily and the best part is that it was FREE!!!


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