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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Ten

1.  At ten and a half months LP has suddenly mastered some new tricks.  Just a few weeks ago he could sit on his own and roll around a bit but that was about it.  All of a sudden though he figured out how to crawl, how to pull himself up to standing,  how to cruise around holding onto the coffee table or the couch, and how to get into a sitting position on his own. 

  Look Mom!  I Can Stand! by you.

2.  Sometimes LP is quite content to play by himself with his toys in the living room for a little while.  Usually as long as one of the dogs is in there with him he's quite happy and we can leave the room for a few minutes to do the dishes or check our email.  Other times however he does not want to be left alone and will come crawling after us as quickly as he can.

I'm a Big Boy by you.

3.  Little Paul is totally intrigued by the dogs' water bowl which we keep on the kitchen floor.  He'll crawl over and try to splash in it.  He stops when we say no but as soon as you look away he's back at it!!

4.  LP LOVES to play with the remote control.  Our remote lights up and has a fancy touch screen that makes noises and he's completely enthralled with it.  He has a play remote and an old remote we gave him with the batteries taken out but they're just not the same.

5.  His separation anxiety is improving.  There's still quite a bit of crying at naptime but in the evening he goes to bed nicely.

Exploring... by you.

6.  This isn't a new thing but I don't think I've mentioned it before:  If people are having a conversation LP will look back and forth from one to the other as they talk.  If he can't see the people he'll peer around until he spots them.  Several people have commented on this about him- he really pays attention!

7.  LP is curious about everything!  Babyproofing has commenced in quite a serious way at our house! 

8.  He's so eager to walk that he'll pull himself up to standing (or try to) on just about anything- the dog, the step, the table, his crib, the list goes on!

Wearing my fancy duds by you.

9.  Still no actual words but he's clearly understanding us more when he talk to him- he understands "no," "bottle," and "doggy" very well!

10.  His hair is going blond- it's grown a lot and is getting lighter every day!

11. Little Paul's very favorite thing to do (besides eat!) is to hold our hands and walk around the house.  He giggles the entire way and will happily walk in circles for as long as our backs will put up with it!


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