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Nine Month Check-up and a Long Weekend...

Last week we had LP's nine-month check up.  He weighed in at 19 lbs 10 oz. and is 28 inches tall.  So he basically gained 6 pounds and grew 2 inches in less than three months.  He's slowly catching up with the other kids his age and is now in the 25th percentile for height and weight instead of the 5th percentile where he's been since he was born.

9-1-2009 5-10-38 PM234 copy by you.

His head circumference grew as well, so much in fact that Dr. C is concerned about it.  He went from being in the 20th percentile for circumference to the 80th.  Apparently in very rare instances such rapid head growth can be a result of a tumor or some other issue.  Dr. C said that we could either A. ignore it, B. run a cat-scan on him, or C. go back in one month to be measured again.  We went with choice C. 

9-1-2009 5-09-29 PM221 copy by you.

The gossip among the other daycare parents is that Dr. C is known for being somewhat neurotic about measurements.  This is pretty apparent when he re-weighs and re-measures LP at every appointment, just minutes after the nurse has weighed and measured him.  The nurses have even said to me on occasion that they don't know why they bother weighing him when they know Dr. C will just do it again...

9-1-2009 5-07-24 PM202 copy by you.

I'm not terribly concerned about this.  LP has had a large head from the start (inherited from his Pappy I'd say!) and is a totally normal little boy.  He's hitting all of the developmental milestones right on track.  So we'll go back in a few weeks for another measurement.  As long as the pace of his head growth has slowed down we shouldn't have to go for a cat scan...

9-1-2009 4-49-03 PM81 copy by you.

So that's the news from the Doc! 

This Labor Day weekend we were busy busy busy!  Friday night we headed to a friends' house for a last-minute BBQ.  LP enjoyed the swing set while the other slightly older kids ran around the yard (photo taken by a friend):

IMG_2623 by Andy/Jaimie.

On Saturday morning Paul's aunt arrived, the first of Paul's family besides his parents to meet LP.  We spent the rest of the weekend back and forth between our house, Paul's parents' house, and various restaurants and shops around town.  LP got totally off schedule, didn't go to bed until after 9 every night, had his first taste of ice cream (which, no surprise, he totally loved) and was relaxed and happy and didn't get too cranky which was great. 

9-1-2009 4-52-14 PM102 copy by you.

Life has been good, keeping busy.  LP is starting to try to pull himself up to standing and can hold onto the coffee table and walk back and forth.  He's still not crawling but we think he's going to just skip it as he's so focused on walking.  His 8th tooth just popped through (4 up and finally 4 down) and he's been a bottomless pit lately, making me think there's another growth spurt going on. 

9-1-2009 4-45-58 PM58 copy by you.

Not a very interesting post, but as they say, sometimes "no news is good news!!"


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