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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Six

Little Paul is six and a half months old now and I can't believe how much he's changed and learned in the past few weeks!

Last week we went for his six-month checkup at the pediatrician.  He's grown 2 inches but has only gained a half pound since his four-month checkup and so the doctor was a little concerned.  He thinks that most likely my breast milk is no longer caloric enough for him and suggested that we start giving him formula most of the time and come back in 2 weeks for a weight check.  So we've dropped all nursing except the early morning one and are giving him formula the rest of the time.   Fortunately he's doing great otherwise- developmentally he's right on track!  We'll see what happens at the weigh-in!

Here are the things to remember this month and some pictures from his six-month photo shoot!

1.  At six months Little Paul is 26 inches tall and weighs just under 13 pounds.  He's a little peanut but I still think he's destined to be tall like his daddy.

5-22-2009 4-06-01 PM154 copy by you.

2.  LP is LOVING his baby food- he gobbles it up so quickly!  Everyone who sees him eat thinks it's hysterical.  He'd probably be happier if I held one spoon in each hand and just shoveled the food in his mouth continuously.  Instead we try to get him to slow down a bit which makes him pretty mad!  He gets very excited if you walk towards the cabinet where his food is kept or if you open the refrigerator. 

5-22-2009 4-02-56 PM131 copy by you.

3.  If you're holding him in one arm and pick up a cup or a bottle or a can to have a drink of something he'll grab it and try to put his mouth on it for a sip.  I use a big plastic cup with a straw for my water and he practically dives out of my arms to try to suck on the straw (although he hasn't figured out how to do it yet!)

5-22-2009 4-01-28 PM126 copy by you.

4.  He's starting to laugh even when we're not tickling him.  If he's sitting on the floor and Gabby runs by him with her ball or a toy in her mouth he starts cracking up.  Too funny!

5-22-2009 3-57-09 PM4 copy by you.

5.  Little Paul can sit on his own for a few minutes at a time now and can even balance himself enough to play with his toys.

5-22-2009 3-54-26 PM103 copy by you.

6.  He's really discovered his feet.  This morning I found him lying on his back holding both his feet in his hands.  He hasn't attempted to put them in his mouth yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time! 

5-22-2009 3-51-33 PM84 copy by you.

7.  He loves to pet the dogs- and so far he's pretty gentle with them!

5-22-2009 3-51-27 PM82 copy by you.

8.  Tooth number one has arrived and tooth number two will be here soon!  He's been really good about teething- he gets a little fussy in the early evening but otherwise hasn't given us too much trouble!

5-22-2009 3-47-19 PM61 copy by you.

9.  LP loves to stand up on our laps.  When you hold him up he stomps his right food like he's auditioning for Riverdance.  I have a feeling that he might skip the whole crawling thing.

5-22-2009 3-45-35 PM36 copy by you.

10.  If someone else is holding him and he wants to be with me he's started holding his arms out to me (I'm loving it!!!).  He has also started holding his arms up when you pick him up out of his stroller or his high chair. 

5-22-2009 3-44-32 PM29 copy by you.

11.  The activity center is his favorite place to hang out.  There are
buttons on it that make animal noises and if you press a button more
than once it will eventually play a song.  The cow button says "moo"
first, then it says "cow," then it says cow in Spanish (which is
unintelligible), and then it plays Old Macdonald.  He's figured this
out and LOVES to press the cow button- I usually sing along with Old
Macdonald and so as soon as he hears the music he turns his head to
watch me sing and starts grinning.

5-22-2009 3-45-18 PM33 copy by you.

12.  He's a total mama's boy but his daddy sure can make him laugh!

5-22-2009 3-48-00 PM67 copy by you.

13.  He goes crazy for Curious George on t.v. We don't really let him watch much t.v. but I do put PBS on in the mornings as he sits in our bed while I get ready for work.  Whenever Curious George talks in his monkey talk LP goes nuts!

5-22-2009 3-51-34 PM85 copy by you.

14.  He's turning into a big flirt and likes to smile at women when we're out and about.

5-22-2009 3-59-09 PM109 copy by you.

15.  He hates getting his faced washed by us and licked by Gabby and turns his head whenever a washcloth or Gabby's tongue come his way.

5-22-2009 4-07-02 PM157 copy by you.

16.  He's ticklish on his belly, under his arms, and at the backs of his thighs.  His bum is ticklish too if he's not wearing a diaper.

5-22-2009 3-45-19 PM34 copy by you.

17.  He loves to kiss (eat) people- big sloppy wet kisses.

5-22-2009 3-46-36 PM52 copy by you.

18.  LP has finally figured out how to get a toy into his mouth.  Previously he'd try and would always end up with his fist in his mouth instead- now he's figured out that he has to turn his hand. 

5-22-2009 4-07-21 PM159 copy by you.

(Sorry!  Couldn't pick just a few to post!!!)


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