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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Five

I sooo wish I'd started this from the beginning, perhaps I'll go back in time while it's still (somewhat!) fresh in my mind... But moving forward I'm going to pay more attention to keeping track of all the things about my little guy that I want to remember so that I can embaress the hell out of him when he brings his first girlfriend home!  (which won't be allowed until he's at least thirty....)

1.  LP is so eager to be sitting up like the big kids.  He cries the second we lay him down on his back (unless it's bedtime) whether it's on the changing table or the playmat.  Even if you try to hold him in your arms in a reclined position he lurches forward to try to be more upright.  He's almost sitting on his own- as long as he keeps his hands on the floor for support he's ok!

4-22-2009 11-24-11 AM114 copy by you.

4-22-2009 11-13-21 AM93 copy by you.

2.  When he topples over I like to yell "Timm-Berrrrrr....."  Paul and I think it's funny.  Little Paul doesn't get quite as much pleasure out of it as we do though.  (although yesterday he did try to push himself back up for the first time instead of just lying there and whimpering!)

4-22-2009 11-16-10 AM109 copy by you.

3.  He constantly has his finger in his mouth, sometimes his entire hand (or both hands).  Due to the amount of drool (which is why he's wearing a bib in every picture I take!) we know he's teething but haven't seen evidence of any actual teeth yet.

4-22-2009 3-25-10 PM107 copy by you.

4-22-2009 3-24-08 PM95 copy by you.

4-22-2009 3-18-00 PM54 copy by you.

4.  He's the sweetest little guy and has started rubbing his eyes when he's sleepy (so cute!) and cuddling up to us when he's tired. 

4-22-2009 3-21-53 PM75 copy by you.

5.  LP is super curious about everything.  He's constantly turning his head back and forth to see what's going on.  If you're holding him watch out as he's likely to head butt you whipping his noggin around.  Even when I'm nursing him he's twisting to look at everything which has definitely been trying my patience a bit as it takes twice as long to feed him these days.  We're glad he's so curious about the world around him though- proof that he's going to be a smart little guy.

4-22-2009 3-09-55 PM7 copy by you.

4-22-2009 3-09-38 PM3 copy by you.

6.  Our dog Gabby is obsessed.  She loves to lick him and he's started making a funny face when she does... She can get away with it for now but had better watch out- pretty soon he'll start yanking her ears!  (and do you love our old-school Jolly Jumper? It was mine as a baby!)

4-19-2009 4-31-50 PM73 copy by you.

7.  The smiles.  Oh the smiles.  He smiles when I get him out of his crib in the morning, he smiles when Daddy comes home from work, he smiles when we say good-night to him, and he smiles the most when we're changing his poopy diapers- sort of a "ha ha!  I pooped and now YOU have to clean it up suckers!" kind of smile.  Which, by the way, makes even the poopiest diaper seem a little less stinky!

4-19-2009 4-02-50 PM38 copy by you.

8.  The ears.  I'm sure at some point he'll grow into them a bit and they'll flatten out a little... But right now they're so cute I could just eat them up!

4-22-2009 3-20-40 PM68 copy by you.

9.  Talking.  This little guy talks non-stop.  It's "Ooo boo ga ga" over and over again all day long.  Even when he's eating- talking with his mouth full already! 

4-22-2009 3-15-03 PM43 copy 2 by you.

10.  He loves to be around other people, especially other children.  When I drop him off at day care in the morning he smiles at all the other children when they run over to see "Baby Paul."  Last week we got to visit my best friend and meet her new little one and visit with her family and LP was all smiles when we walked in the house (although, of course, he didn't smile for the camera- I think he's already sick of being photographed all the time but that's just too bad!)

4-17-2009 10-17-55 AM11 by you.

So that's that.  Ten things to remember about month five with Little Paul.  It's amazing how as soon as you have a child you can't imagine what life was like without them.  Even though I had 30+ years without him and only 5 months with him so far I feel like he's been mine always. 


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