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Snowed in...

Looks like we'll definitely be having a white Christmas in these parts! This weekend's storm brought us more than a foot of snow.. It turned to sleety rain this afternoon so we're looking at snow covered with ice to contend with in the morning. Good thing Little Paul and I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow although unfortunately Big Paul has to go to work...
Here's the view from our back door as of yesterday afternoon (picture another 6 inches on top of this):

And the view out the front:

The snow kept Paul pretty busy (and sore!) shoveling all weekend. Fortunately our neighbor, Bob (whose last name is Dylan and thought that WE had a familiar sounding name when we first met him!) came over with his snow blower and did quite a large part of the driveway. Unfortunately he did it at 10 a.m. on Saturday and we got another 8 inches or so of snow after that. I tried to help with the shoveling but have to say that after 9 months of doing nothing very physically exerting followed by a c-section I wasn't much help and ended up back inside pretty quickly...

While Paul kept busy shoveling I managed to make a pretty good dent in my holiday baking. So far I've made Gingerbread Caramels (very tasty- although it's a bit tedious wrapping 250+ caramels individually in foil squares!), Chocolate Cake Truffles (I had some serious issues coating them with chocolate and gave up about halfway through- I don't think I'll be making these again!), Candied Ginger Shortbread (oops! Just realized I didn't add the white pepper or ground ginger to these! They're still tasty though!), and dough for gingerbread men.. Guess it's a gingery year around here! I have a few more things planned (need more chocolate!) but we'll see what I get to!

Little Paul kept busy too, he was awake quite a bit all weekend and was very active! He actually slept for 4.5 hours straight last night which was fabulous! We're keeping our fingers crossed (but not holding our breath!) that he repeats the performance tonight!

Hope you all had good weekends too!


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