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Flipping Out...

And flipping over!

Today started out like every other day... Little Paul was awake as usual for a few hours this morning.  He hung out in his bouncy seat while I ate breakfast and then we played on his play mat for a little while. 

Around noon however the flipping out began.  Little Paul was hungry so I nursed him on the couch for about an hour.  This was followed by an hour of the following:

LP sits in bouncy seat for 5 minutes


LP starts screaming

LP poops

I change diaper

LP spits up in my face

LP poops

I change diaper

More spit up

Dog barks

Dog goes outside

Dog comes inside

LP is hungry again

Nurse him in the office so I can read blogs and feed him at the same time

Dog comes in room and starts dragging her rear across the carpet

I yell.  Realize that she has pooped too and apparently forgot to wipe

LP sits in swing

I clean carpet

I clean both couches where dog has sat

LP cries

I consider using baby wipes on the dog's rear but use an old washcloth instead

Dog growls

LP spits up

LP poops

I debate pulling out the bottle of vodka and doing a few shots

UPS man comes, dog goes crazy (please note that while both of our dogs are generally not very well behaved, the dog in this whole entry is the larger of the dogs, the one who is completely spoiled by her daddy)

This dog:

LP cries

Lather, rinse, repeat.

At this point the dogs were still going crazy and the baby was screaming his head off.  He'd been fed, changed, and even ignored for a while but he just wasn't calming down so I decided to take him up to his nursery where it's a bit calmer.  We sat in his rocking chair for a while and he practiced playing keep-away with one of his toys and the small dog

This dog:


After he calmed down I decided to give him some tummy time so I put him down on a blanket on the floor.  I turned away to tidy up his changing table. When I turned back he'd flipped over onto his back!  I'm sure it was just a fluke but it's still a milestone in my book!  I put him back on his stomach to see if he'd do it again but of course he didn't want an audience!

When Paul got home and heard about the big flip he decided to see if he would do it again.. So down baby went for more tummy time and he flipped himself over within just a few minutes!  Of course the video camera was in the other room and I knew that if I went to get it he'd flip over while I was out of the room so it hasn't been captured on tape yet. 

So obviously our baby is a genius.  He's flipping over at 4 weeks old when most babies flip over around 3 months or so. 

Either that or it was just pure dumb luck... As his mother though I'm sticking with the genius idea.  We'll see if he can pull off another flip later tonight...

With that, it's time to eat dinner and relax.  Cause boy are we tired around here after this crazy afternoon!



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