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I Have a Shameful Confession to Make...

I am addicted to this season of American Idol. I know. It's shamefully embarrassing. And it's not something that I'm proud to admit but boy does it feel good to come clean.

In the past I've generally watched the first few episodes of AI, the ones where people are trying out and are either really good or really bad and it's a lot like watching a train wreck. And there was one season (Season 2 I believe, the season of Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken) that my roomie and I watched- but that was because SHE was addicted, not me... I was just watching with her as moral support. I swear.

But this year I started watching at the beginning and just never stopped. Maybe it was because all my normal shows were on hiatus due to the writer's strike? Maybe it's because I turned 30 recently and thought that watching a bunch of youngun's on t.v. would make me feel young again? (right... instead I felt ancient as they all had to choose songs from the year of their birth and many of them were born in the 90's!).

At the beginning Hubby watched with me. I think he watched until they got down to the final 8 or so- and then Yankees season started up and that was the end of that (although he does a good job of pretending to be interested when I talk about the latest episode over dinner).

So now it's down to the final 3, with an elimination episode tonight. Next week is the END- the big results.... And I thought that I'd feed my sick obsession and give you all a review of the final three (just indulge me please....)

The final three are :Now I think they're all pretty talented but my fingers are crossed for David Cook. He's been pretty consistently fabulous every week. And if he released and album I'd probably buy a copy. Syesha has a great voice, she's very pretty and seems like a good person (because you can tell on t.v.) But she's a bit Broadway and whenever she performs a song she just seems to be copying the style of the original singer. David Archuleta is also talented, but his choice of super-cheesy songs just irks me (I love cheesiness, but he's over the top...). David Cook, on the other hand, is completely and utterly himself at all times, and he's fabulous!

I now have another confession to make. While I am currently rooting for David Cook, my heart has always been with Jason Castro. From day one I have thought he was great and just so darn cute. I think it's the Emsky I was in high-school that luvs him so... And on the AI website he says that his favorite quote is "In the end, it will all be ok. If it's not ok, then it's not the end!" That's one of MY favorite quotes too! I swear, it's on my Facebook page. Sigh. It's meant to be. Except that he's 20. And he lives in Texas. And I'm married and love my husband. And that his dreads would probably gross me out in real life. But I still luv him.


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